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Get The Best SIM-Only Deals For Your Cell Phone And Save Money

With so many mobile phone operating plans, upgrades and features continually being offered by network providers, it is no wonder people feel reluctant to sign mobile phone contracts. Unwanted applications (apps) and animations downloaded to your phone by your network provider are a constant irritation.

The solution is to unlock a network-free phone and install a network plan using the SIM-only deals offered by network providers. This way, you can get a suitable plan with a monthly or short-term contract, leaving you free to switch networks anytime using the same mobile phone and the same number.

With a SIM-only plan, you can save on the cost of purchasing a new mobile phone every time you change your network provider. Competition has made these plans inexpensive and they come with a number of free text messages and e mails, so many minutes of free calls and other features.

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Company Cost per Month Length of Contract Texts Minutes Data
T-Mobile £26 12 months Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Orange £21 12 months Unlimited Unlimited 1GB
Three £15 12 months 5000 2000 Unlimited
Tesco Mobile £10 1 Month 5000 250 500MB
Virgin Mobile £7 1 Month Unlimited 150 500MB

SIM-only plans are available on both pay-as-you-go and contract basis. The term of the contract is mostly short-term, usually a one-month rolling contract or 12-months. Pay-as-you-go SIM cards can be slightly more expensive. Before deciding which option to take, compare a range of network providers offers, not only price but all other features and make sure there are no hidden costs.SIM-only deals may only apply to particular mobile phones.

The best way to determine which plan is best suited to your needs is to analyse your average monthly cell phone usage. If you make a lot of calls but don’t use internet, you may need a package with no broadband limit. On the other hand, if you only use your phone for sending text messages and limited calls, you will need a different plan. There is a plan available to suit most requirements.

Network providers such as Vodafone, Orange, O2, Virgin Mobile and T-Mobile all provide some very attractive SIM-only deals, the top three deals are currently being offered by GiffGaff, Vodafone and T- Mobile.

There is a also a money saving deal where you can a free SIM card from your chosen network provider for an initial period to try out provider’s services. Free SIM cards allow you to select a plan of your choice and use it on a PAYG basis. Once you are satisfied with the network, you can get a one-month or 12-month contract plan.

With all these SIM- only options there is no need for you to stick with long-term contract arrangements. You can easily switch your network provider anytime and select the latest and cheapest plan and at the same time keep the same phone and number which is very important.

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