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gadgets: Samsung Galaxy Fold

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Samsung Galaxy Fold Flexible Design

Samsung Galaxy Fold consists of two equal parts connected by a folding mechanism, due to which the smartphone can be bent in any direction. By design, having bought Samsung Galaxy Fold, you get a smartphone, tablet and e-book in one device.


The case material of Samsung Galaxy Fold is metal and glass, which should tell us that the smartphone will be quite strong. This unique smartphone is presented in four different colours:

Martian Green

Black space

Astro Blue

Cosmic silver

Samsung Galaxy Fold Screens

Samsung Galaxy Fold have two displays - with a diagonal of 4.6 and 7.3 inches.

The display with 4.6 inches is made using Super AMOLED technology, the screen has an extension of 1960 × 840 and is compatible with HDR technology.

The second 7.3 display is Dynamic AMOLED with an extension of 2152 × 1536 pixels, color saturation reaches 362 dpi. This display is also compatible with HDR.


According to the manufacturer, the Infinity Flex Display uses an ultra-thin polymer material (plastic) that uses an innovative adhesive that was developed by the brand for laminating a large number of layers of the screen, due to which it can fold many times.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Practicality

While Samsung's Galaxy Fold is complex, the phone has a relatively small touch-type screen that can be controlled with one hand. It is very comfortable. The fingerprint sensor is located on the side, and therefore, when the user picks up the device, the thumb instantly touches the sensor - there is no need to look for the edge of the phone to find the sensor.

The internal Dynamic AMOLED display is really exciting, it’s very comfortable to work with it so that the user doesn’t - even on the Internet, even when viewing pictures or videos, or even when editing text files and spreadsheets. Everything is equally clear, colourful and pleasing to the eye. In particular, you should highlight the massive QWERTY keyboard, because typing on it is a pleasure.

The virtual-type keyboard buttons are large and comfortable, which will be in some way a balm for the soul of those users who have long been tired of missing keys when typing text on their own phone. Such sizes make it possible to conveniently use the device even to owners of very large palms.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Functionality

If in the course of work with Galaxy Fold in the phone mode the clarity of control is in the first position, then when the book is opened in tablet mode, users get really excellent multitasking.

The gadget allows you to synchronously use three programs - the display is divided into 3 independent parts (one large and two slightly smaller in size), for which various content is displayed.

Another interesting feature of the flexible phone is the perfect fusion of large and compact displays. All data with which the user works is immediately transferred between displays during the opening or closing of the device. The procedure for changing the active screen is smooth, without braking and lags.

Well, it will not be superfluous to say in connection with multitasking about the ability to synchronously restore the battery and Galaxy Fold, and any other device from its battery. The device supports both ordinary and wireless methods of charge recovery, in connection with which users are given the opportunity to perfectly combine both.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Camera

Samsung's top new product cannot upset users with poor features. The new Galaxy Fold was no exception, and its photographic capabilities are beyond praise. First of all, it is worth noting that there are a lot of cameras in the new product. At the back is the main unit, which consists of 3 modules:

12 MP sensor with stabilization of the optical type and aperture within 1.5-2.4.

12 MP sensor with a telephoto lens, 2.4 aperture and optical type image stabilization with dual zoom support.

16 MP sensor with a wide-angle aperture 2.2.


In addition, above the small display used in telephone mode, there is a 10 MP front camera with an aperture of 2.2, and after opening the “book” an additional 10 MP unit with an aperture of 2.2 and support for an auxiliary matrix of 8 MP is connected to it (aperture is 1.9) with depth sensor.