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Insurance For Your Pets

Pets are not just fun things to have around, they are a responsibility and often a financial liability when they become sick. Pet insurance covers a multitude of conditions and it is recommended that you buy insurance for peace of mind. Insurance cover is not expensive but you will need to shop around for the best deals at an affordable price. Before you buy a policy, there are a number of points to consider to ensure that the policy provides you with an appropriate level of cover. There are many insurance providers who offer different types of insurance for different cost options.

Choose carefully and make sure that if the provider is not an insurance company but a broker, the insurance is underwritten by a reputable insurance company. Review your options on line either directly or using one of the comparison web sites or get advice from a veterinary practice.

Types of cover:

There are different types of pet insurance policies. You will need to check which suits you. We have called them Premium, Mid Level and Basic. Insurance companies may refer to them differently but the coverage is similar.

Premium Cover:

Premium, is just another name for lifetime coverage. Every year, the benefits and costs are reviewed and at maturity each year the policy is renewed and the benefits and costs are reset. This ensures that your pet will receive treatment for long term diseases. Without renewing the policy you will not receive the current benefits and costs when you make a claim.

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Company Animals Covered Maximim Fees Covered Special Discounts Minimum Excess Covers Hereditary Conditions?
LV= Varies £5,000 £5% multi pet
10% online
5% micro-chipped pet
More Th>n Varies £12,000 £20% multi pet
10% online
Churchill Varies £3.000 20% online
5% neutered pet
10% multi pet
BDirect Line Varies £6,000 15% multi pet £70
M&S Bank Varies Unlimited 15% online
5% multi pet

Mid Level Cover:

Mid level, the level of cover and limit of claims is dependant on the condition of the pet. However, there is no time restriction. For example, if your policy has a maximum limit of £4,000 for treatment of a certain illness or disease, the treatment will stop when the limit is reached. The limit is not time barred. Insurance for cats is less expensive as treatment costs are cheaper than for dogs.

Basic Policy:

Basic, provides the lowest level of coverage, and is the cheapest. There is a claims limit and a time limit, usually 12 months.

Maximum Coverage Limits:

The maximum coverage limit varies with the type of pet. The average coverage amount for dogs is around £4,000 per year if you buy the lifetime policy or £5,000 per condition if you buy the mid level policy. The coverage limit for cats is slightly less, £3,000 per year if you buy the premium policy and £4,000 if you buy the mid level policy. The lifetime policy offers £4,000 per year and is a good choice if the treatment is a long term process.


Excess is the amount you agree to be deducted from a claim. The amount depends on locality, type of pet, age of the animal and its medical condition. Many insurance companies have an excess range between £40 and £60.

Added Extras:

a) advertising and reward for lost pets, theft, death through accident, up to £1000

b) overseas travel cover, emergency expenses while abroad with your pet, quarantine

c) third party liability for dogs only, legal liability if your dog causes injury or damage. Dangerous dogs are not covered. Cost £7 per month.

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