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finance: Currency Trading

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Currency Trading

The wonderful tool that is the Internet has enabled many new possibilities. In all our common living spaces, in our homes as our workplaces, the internet has revolutionized all our habits and our way of life. With this revolutionary tool, it is now possible, among other possibilities, to send money from one city to another, from one country to another, from one continent to the other in just a few mouse clicks, and immediately. What is the real interest of transferring money online? What are the main companies in this market and what are the ones that give complete satisfaction to their customers?

A simple and fast service

The idea of ​​the online money transfer could not be simpler to understand: you choose the amount you want to send to a family member, friend or acquaintance who live in another city or another country, you enter all necessary information to complete the transaction on the Internet, and that’s all, your money transfer is done in seconds. Before transferring money online, you have to find the best company that can help you achieving this. To find the best fees and exchange rate, you can use an online comparator.

The top UK companies for transferring money online

Some of the most popular companies are in descending order:

  • Western Union
  • Transfer Wise
  • MoneyGram
  • PostOffice
  • Paypal
  • Torfx Currency Transfer
  • Virgin International Money Transfer
  • Currency Solution Current Transfer
  • UKForex Overseas Money Transfer
  • Transferwise Money Transfer
  • CurrencyFair International Money Transfer
  • Moneycorp Money Transfer
  • FC Exchange Money Transfer
  • HiFX Money Transfer
  • World First Money Transfer
  • Travelex International Payments
  • Currencies Direct Overseas Money Transfers
  • Xendpay Money Transfer
  • World Remit Money Transfer
  • Halo Financial Competitive Money Transfer
  • TransferGo Money Transfer
  • Caxton FX Internatiol Payments
  • Global Reach Partners Currency Transfer
  • Currency UK Money Transfer