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Mobile Phone Deals

Mobile phone and landline telephone bills can be substantial. It is very important to keep an account of these bills to avoid nasty surprises. If you want to save money look at the way you make calls and decide if a mobile phone and a home landline phone are strictly necessary. If you discontinue a landline phone you will save rental and call charges. To help you reduce mobile phone bills, here are a few suggestions:

Change Your Plan:

Analyse the expected usage of your phone and decide whether a contract phone or a pay as you go phone is most suitable for your purposes. A contract (the Plan) is normally for one year and the phone and the sim card are included in the payment plan. The network provider will also include a number of texts, emails and so many call minutes within the Plan. To make savings, select a Plan which includes fewer call minutes, e mails and text messages which will be reflected in a reduced contract payment. For limited mobile phone usage, it may be more economical to buy a phone and pay as you go for calls.

Look Around for Other Providers:

From time to time check that your current provider is giving you prices which are competitive in the market and are giving you the benefit of good deals. There may be other providers offering better deals at cheaper rates. No reason to keep faith with you current provider under these circumstances.

Negotiate Your Plan:

If you consider its time to change your current provider to get a cheaper service, research the market for competitor’s prices and offers. Maybe it is not worth switching but market knowledge will enable you to renegotiate better rates with your current provider who will not wish to loose your custom.

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Look For Hidden Deals:

There are always deals which providers do not necessarily advertise to the public. These deals may be kept aside for valuable customers, staff and others. Providers may, however, be willing to pass on these deals to you. Deals which are already in the pipeline but are not yet available may also be offered to you prior to launch, but you will have to ask.

Shop Online:

If you are buying online or by phone, providers may be more open to negotiation on prices and deals, as they should realise that if they fail to secure your custom you will go elsewhere. Online shopping also provides you with opportunities to compare several networks and select the cheapest among them that suits your needs.

Go Prepaid:

Prepaid services, or pay as you go, can be the best option for you if you are a no fuss, limited mobile phone user. You will only to pay for what you use.

Look For SIM-Only Deals:

You can save money on your mobile phone buying the SIM card separately. This is particularly useful when using your phone abroad. Changing a sim card in the same phone will avoid buying a roaming facility. Abroad you can buy a sim card for different denominations and in the currency of the country.

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