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gadgets: Huawei P30 + P30 Pro: Everything you need to know!

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Huawei P30 + P30 Pro: Everything you need to know!

Excellent, unmatched camera experience – this has always been the main focus on the Huawei P series with the P20 and P20 Pro exceeding the expectations of customers. Launched exactly 1 year after its predecessor, the Huawei P30 was released on 26 March 2019.


You can pre-order the Huawei P30 Pro right now and in the UK it’ll cost you £899. That’s £100 less than the iPhone XS (£999) and the same price as the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. If you want something a bit smaller, and less packed with features, the Huawei P30 will sell for £699, that’s more comparable to the £669 Samsung Galaxy S10e or the £749 iPhone XR.

The Specs


CPU: Kirin 980

External memory (Up to): 256 GB

Internal memory: 128

Camera Digital Zoom: 3.0x

Main camera: 40 MP

Battery capacity: 3650 mAh

The Camera

The P30 does not disappoint with its camera, or more specifically – 3 cameras – one offering an ultra wide angle lens, and the other a 3x optical zoom. However, the P30 Pro is what you will want to invest in if you want to pursue professional photography.

The P30 Pro has a total of four cameras as noted in the spec sheet above. The zooming capabilities of the device are definitely one of the major pros of the phone. The 5x optical zoom lens is impressive enough on its own and more than what we've seen on competing handsets, but when you switch to 10x hybrid zoom, Huawei says you can zoom in 10x without losing any detail in your shot.

Following the rework and improvement of the 40MP main camera, it now delivers more colour, better lowlight performance with f/1.6 aperture, and optical image stabilization.

A Slick Looking Design

The camera might be the standout feature here, but that’ isn’t to say the P30 Pro is lacking in other areas.

The P30 also impresses with its slick design, being the most high-end feel of any Huawei phones so far.

There is an obvious comparison between the P30 Pro 6.4-inch display which is nearly edge-to-edge and the Samsung S10 display. However, the reviews point out that the P30 Pro is less distracting and therefore leads in the competition.

The device is offered in different colours, including orange and white.