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Landline Providers Best Deals

There are many landline providers offering competitive service packages. With such a wide range of companies to choose from, selecting a landline or internet provider should be on the basis of quality of customer service, price and best package deals. Customer service is very important. The following check list should be discussed with providers; call out cost, are engineers qualified, does the company have a direct telephone or are calls diverted through a call center abroad, procedure for billing enquiries. Here are reviews of the largest providers:


According to analyst and customer surveys, Sky is probably the best landline service provider. It offers some of the best package deals at affordable rates for landline and broadband services. The quality of service ranks highly compared with other providers. Customer service is generally excellent, it employs qualified engineers and after care services are also excellent.

Virgin Media

When it comes to the quality of landline call connections, Virgin Media is a top rated provider. There are few line connection disruptions and voice quality is excellent. The back up service is not good, a source of customer complaints and the reason why so many customers have switched to other providers. For new customers Sky offers some of the best priced packages for landline, internet and cable connections.

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Company Monthly Cost Set-up Fee Free Calls Length of Contract
BT (BT Unlimited Weekend Plan) £11.75 Free Weekend 12 Months
Post Office (Home Phone) £12 Free Weekend & Evening No Contract
TalkTalk (Talk UK Evening & Weekend) £15.40 £4.61 Weekend & Evening 12 Months
Sky (Talk Anytime) £15.40 £5 Weekend & Evening 12 Months
Virgin (M Talk Weekend) £15.99 Free Weekend (including Virgin Mobile numbers) 18 Months


Broadband and landline packages offered by BT are one of the cheapest packages available. BT has the widest network coverage of all providers, in fact most providers rent BT’s landlines. Customer service is not good as dependency on out sourcing leads to fragmentation of information sharing and lack of coordination which affects customer relationship. Problems with the service and switching are not dealt with in a timely manner.

Talk Talk

Talk Talk offers some of the most competitive packages for landline connection. If you are looking for low prices, this provider is worth considering. You will, however, be required to make a long term commitment. Customer service and their technical services back up can be difficult to deal with. Considering factors other than price, Talk Talk ranks lowest of the four companies reviewed.

You can save money by selecting a provider who offers a landline service package at a reasonable price. Before you decide make sure you compare a wide selection of packages on price and quality of service. If you are not immediately planning to switch your service, the review exercise is worth doing so that you have the information to hand to negotiate better prices with your current provider.

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