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Tips To Reduce Your Central Heating Costs

If you need to make savings on your energy bills, the cost of central heating system is an obvious starting point. If you think you are paying too much for gas and electricity you should seek advice from the energy suppliers and have your installations checked. This will detect if there is a fault in the system and whether the system is working efficiently. It is extremely wasteful in terms of fuel consumption to run a heating system below the performance levels recommended by the manufacturer. The price of utilities has risen sharply in recent years and the costs will inevitably increase as resources are becoming more scarce. We must therefore consider the way we use these resources and where savings can be made.

Company Tariff Name Average Annual Cost Rate Type Early Termination Fees
npower Online Fix Price £515 Fixed None
npower Standard £687 Variable None
green star energy Rate Saver Paperless £483 Fixed £30
green star energy Rate Saver Paper Bill £490 Fixed £30
scottish power Online Fixed £509 Fixed None
scottish power Standard £660 Variable None
edf Standard £646 Variable None
edf Standard £646 Variable None
sse 3 Year Fixed £623 Fixed £30
sse Standard £672 Variable None
british gas Fix & Fall £668 Fixed None
british gas Standard £705 Variable None

Check that all windows and external doors are well fitting and sealed Before winter you should have your heating system checked and repaired if necessary. Radiators should be checked for air locks, it is a simple matter to remove air locks using a radiator key. Radiators and the central heating system should be drained every 5 years and accumulated rust and sediment flushed out. Poor maintenance can be a major factor in reduced efficiency. Fit an up to date thermostat in the principle rooms to control the temperature of each of the rooms separately. Turn off the heating in rooms not occupied. By decreasing the temperature by 1 degree centigrade, you can make up to 10 percent saving without noticing the difference in room warmth. Use energy saving appliances. Energy saving light bulbs fitted throughout can make considerable savings. Double glazing is initially expensive but will have a big effect on heat loss, sound absorption and cost savings. It may take 5 years to recover the initial capital expenditure.

Whenever you purchase an energy saving appliance make sure that it is stamped with the energy conservation logo. Use portable space heaters instead of the central heating system. You can use these heaters to heat up the room you are currently using instead of heating the entire house. If you have a large house, you can also have separate low powered heating units installed for different zones and only run the ones that are needed. At bedtime you can reduce the temperature of your heating system and use blankets to keep warm. Instead of having your heating system running all day, use a timer to control the periods when you actually need it.