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gadgets: Free Sim Cards

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Free Sim Cards

While many mobile phone deals include a monthly contract, many people find that being tied to a monthly payment plan is too much of a commitment and as well as an unnecessary inconvenience. SIM-only deal is a great option for those who wish to have a flexible payment system.

Free SIM cards are offered as a quick and easy way to set up your mobile phone: once they are inserted into an unlocked phone, activated, and credit or a pre-paid package is purchased, the phone is ready to use. This credit is then renewed as and when required.

Free SIM cards are offered to enable people to use networks on a casual basis without signing contracts or undergoing credit checks. This is advantageous for both the network and the customer: it provides quick and easy access to a network with the minimum amount of paperwork.

There are a number of benefits to SIM-only bundles and deals. With this flexible option you’re able to use a new handset quickly and easily as well as being able to reuse any existing handset you might have. It’s also easy to change providers, there are no upfront fees and you can retain your original number. To find a SIM-only deal to suit your budget is easy and your handset can easily be topped up at various outlets, online or by contacting the provider.

However, there are also some disadvantages to consider before opting for a free SIM card. With phone contracts, providers will often upgrade, replace or repair a handset free of charge. With SIM-only deals, the customer must bear the full cost of any repairs or replacements they may need. Additionally, customers are often required to pay a small fee in order to unlock their phone before they can access their chosen network.

Obtaining a free SIM card is simple as most providers have an online form that just requires a name and address. The card will arrive with the login details for the online account and instructions on how to top-up and manage the account.

In order to get the best deal with a free SIM, it’s helpful to consider your phone usage: whether you mostly use your phone for calls, texts, or the internet.

Here is a comparison of a £10 bundle from four major providers:





GiffGaff goodybag















250 MB

GiffGaff and Asda offer the highest number of minutes while O2 provides significantly more in terms of data. If this isn’t enough, more expensive bundles and options are available. Many providers offer a range of prices and bundles to suit different budgets.

For those using a free SIM card, buying a monthly bundle is the most cost-effective and flexible method of getting connected, and SIM-only deals are extremely competitive when compared to monthly contracts. 

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