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Seven Ways To Save Money On TV Services

Subscribing to multiple premium packages on the TV when they are unwanted or underused seems a waste of money. To save money, consider canceling the subscription for premium channels. If there are specific programs that you wish to view and are only available on these premium channels, you can still watch them online.

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Company What's Include Set Up Fee Data Limit Download Speed Monthly Cost Length of Contract
Virgin Media (Broadband: 30Mb + TV: L) Digital TVBroadbandWeekend calls Free Unlimited 30Mb £44.49 1 Year
Three (Lite 1GB 18 months) Digital TVBroadband Free 1GB 21Mb £7.87 18 Months
TalkTalk (Plus TV, Broadband + Phone) Digital TVBroadbandAnytime calls Free Unlimited 16Mb £30.90(figure includes line rental) 18 months
Sky (Broadband Lite + Entertainment TV + Talk Weekends) Digital TVBroadbandWeekend calls Free 2GB 12Mb £31.52(figure includes line rental) 1 year
BT(TV Essential + Unlimited Broadband and Calls) Digital TVBroadbandWeekend calls £55.95 Unlimited 16Mb £28.99 (figure includes line rental) 18 months

Keep a Single Television Set:

Having more than one TV sets in your house is not only expensive, but also harmful for the physical and mental well-being of your family. Providing a separate TV for kids in their room encourages them to watch more TV than necessary and reduces the control you have over their viewing.It is much better to have a single TV in your family room where you can track what your kids are watching and how long they spend in front of a television set. This will also reduce the amount of money you are paying for the extra connection package. If you still want a second TV, you can connect it to a DVD without the need for an extra cable or satellite connection.

Broadband and Cable Services:

There are just too many communication services you may be paying for ie, a mobile phone, a landline phone, broadband connection, wi fi and TV services. To save money get a bundle package from a single provider for all or most of these services.

Keep Reviewing and Changing Services:

Service providers often change their tariffs. This may be to the benefit of the consumer if charges are reduced. If your provider continues to increase prices then it is time for a change. Do some research on the internet for the best deals, get two or three quotes and change your provider accordingly. Your existing provider may be prepared to lower his prices to keep your custom.

Negotiate a Package:

There is a common misconception that the prices of packages are fixed. This is incorrect, as most providers would prefer to negotiate than loose customers. You should negotiate with your current provider for a better deal and at the same time obtain quotes from others. A comparison will lead you to the decision to switch or to remain with your existing provider.

Eliminate Services:

A cable connection is not that essential for smaller working households where the occupants spend much of the day working and TV viewing is limited. In such cases an internet connection would save money and you can still watch online programs. If you spend less than an hour daily watching TV, you should consider, on cost grounds, online streaming.

Shop Around For the Best Deals in the UK:

A common mistake is to compare a few selective packages offered by certain providers only and ignore the rest. Before you make a choice of service provider you should do as much research as possible to check out the providers credentials. In the case of new companies, request their list of customers in your area and speak to some of them for good references.

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