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Broadband and Home Phone

Cost cutting and budget control are important considerations in today’s world as the cost of living spirals. Cable and internet charges are becoming a big factor. Mind full of this internet and cable service providers across the country are offering affordable packages.

You can make savings per year if you buy a package that bundles broadband, landline phone, mobile phone and digital TV. Remember the government will switch off all analogue signals by the end of 2012 you will need a digital TV box by then.

If you intend to switch from your current broadband provider to another or select one for the first time, we show you the best broadband package deals that are available in the market. The key features are highlighted so that you can quickly and easily choose the broadband package and provider that suits your needs. If you want to look at the price details you can see a breakdown of the costs such as line rent, monthly charges and the offer price.

Before you decide on a particular broadband package, you should consider the types of broadband packages available in your area. If you live in a city or in a built up area where companies first introduce their latest technology, it is possible that you will be able to select any package you want.

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Company Included Calls Set-up Fee Data Limit Download Speed Monthly Line Rental Cost Monthly Broadband Cost Length of Contract
Post Office Weekend & Evening Free 5GB 8MB £12 £8.15 1 Year
Tesco Broadband (Broadband & Evening and Weekend Calls) Weekend & Evening Free Unlimited 14Mb £15.40 £0 for first 12 months £6 after 1 Year
Sky (Unlimited + Talk Weekends) Weekend Free Unlimtied 16Mb £15.40 £5 for first 12 months £10 after 1 Year
AOL (broadband and calls) Weekend & Evening Free 10GB 14Mb £14.60 Free for the first month £5.20 for the second and third month£10.20 after 18 Months
Plusnet (Unlimited + Talk Weekend) Weekend £5.99 Unlimited 16Mb £14.50 £2.50 for first 12 months £9.99 after 18 Months


If, however you live in an area where there are fewer service providers, you will have to check with all of them to find out what packages are available. It is an absolute minefield and unless you are knowledgeable about these things it is possible that you might become confused between download time and megabits for each package. You might even think that speed is the only consideration.

Speed is important for a broadband package but only to a certain extent. You can easily browse and surf the internet with a connection of over 2 mbps. An 8 mbps connection will allow you to play games, surf uTube, facebook, share pictures and email with ease. Faster download speeds appeal to those who download a lot and work with very demanding applications.

Broadband packages come with many deals, which internet service providers are introducing as incentives to secure customers. Generally service providers only offer a free wireless router, some offer game consoles and laptops to their subscribers. If you have more than one wireless device, you should consider buying a wireless router.

Security is a big issue for many internet service providers. With many people downloading files, opening attachments, visiting dodgy sites or simply clicking on a wrong link, it is very important that you protect your computer and internet connection from the many viruses and threats that can easily travel over the internet. Most broadband packages include security suites as do wireless routers.

The type of broadband package you want depends entirely on you. If you are looking for a package that you will use for your business it will be completely different from the one that you use at home. If you enjoy downloading files then you have to search for a package that offers high speed. Mobile broadband is an ideal option if you frequently use the laptop.

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