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Reducing Premiums For Breakdown Cover

The costs of running and maintaining a vehicle are on the increase. Fuel prices at the pump are at record highs plus there are the added costs of tax, mot and insurance. With the high cost of running a car, there is a temptation not to buy breakdown cover. This thinking is false economy. Breakdown insurance covers you for instances when your car breaks down, for whatever reason, repairs can either be done on the spot but if not, your car will be towed to a garage to be repaired. The actual cost of repairing at the garage is at your cost. The breakdown has to occur a minimum of 1 mile from your home.A breakdown cover insurance is good value and is well worth having if only for peace of mind. Before choosing breakdown cover you may wish to consider the following:

Standard Policy:

A standard breakdown policy will be sufficient for well maintained, later model cars, but if your car is an older model and a greater risk of breaking down, it would be better to buy a comprehensive breakdown.

Patrol Services:

Most companies providing a breakdown service have highway patrols to respond to breakdown calls. Examples are the AA, Green Flag and the RAC. Membership cost for one year is about £50 if taken out separately.

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Company Online Discount Person Policy Starting Price Vehicle Policy Starting Price National Recovery Home Start
rac 40% £99.99 £78.99 Yes No
aa 0% £95.00 £75.00 Yes Yes
qdos 0% £99.05 £32.70 Yes Yes
qdos 40% £69.00 £55.00 Yes No

Personal Cover:

There are two types of breakdown policies: personal breakdown cover or vehicle only cover. Personal cover is more expensive because it will cover both the vehicle and injuries to the driver or passengers. So insure your vehicle with the vehicle only cover policy.

Multiple Cars:

If you insure multiple vehicles or cover your whole family, the cost of breakdown cover will be cheaper. You should therefore include all members of the same family for breakdown cover in the one policy.

Foreign Policy:

If you regularly drive your car to the Continent, you should extend your existing breakdown policy to cover European breakdown. You can either buy this policy for a single trip or a 90 days time period. The single trip option is cheaper.If you need to obtain more information about breakdown insurance you should research on line. There are many comparison websites which can assist you in finding the best insurance deals in terms of cover and cost.

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